Electronic Door Locks

Suitable locking systems are essential to ensure overall hotel security so that guests can feel safe and secured. Different hotels have different security requirements and  Enhance Hotel Solutions has come up with a range of effective locking solutions. 

Digital door locks are one such system that is highly popular and provide effective security solutions.

Types of Electronic Hotel Locks

Digital locks can be used ideally in hotels that require a number of requirements to unlock them. These can be customized to the need and requirements of the hotel using cards, pass codes, or even biometric identification.

Enhance Hotel Solution provides a complete analysis of the need and requirements of the hotel before presenting a range of solutions. 

The security system maintained on the digital door locks is computerized and supports suitable confirmation techniques. As an example – there are locks that require to be unlocked by typing certain codes on the keypad.

The Code can be changed at a later date to avoid the prospect of showing the pin code accidentally.

Keyless Locking System

Electronic Hotel Locks

Another type of digital locking system provided by Enhance hotel Solutions is the digital card locking system. This is a highly popular lock used in the important industries as a hotel as it is more convenient and flexible.

This eliminates the need to memorize a specific code and can be unlocked with a specific Master-Card. 

Benefits of Using Electronic Hotel Locks

1.These locks provide more satisfaction to the guest. They provide quick and easy access to the rooms.

2.They provide a high level of security. 

3.The RFID lock provides more control as well as information.

4.They can be integrated with various applications of the hotel.

5.These locks provide more exclusivity. They provide a replacement and advanced experience to your customers.

6.These locks are more robust.

7.Our locks showcase more productivity. They aid in enhancing the efficiency of check-ins.