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Security System

Ensure your visitors and your business from inconvenience by setting up robust security measures and safety strategies.

When guests book with you, they’ll expect a high level of hotel security and safety. After all, the patrons are entrusting you with the well-being of themselves and their loved ones, in expansion to the security of their possessions. Safeguards like additional secure room keys and peephole covers are the least when it comes to security but it’s the hotels who go over and beyond that truly stand out. Visitors rest simple knowing hotel security and safety may be the best need for you and your staff. Ensure your guests’ safety and provide a fully secured hotel experience.

5 ways to keep Guest safe and secure

1. Using CCTV cameras

Security System


CCTV cameras are one of the crucial needs for the hotels to make their patrons safe from intruders. Enhance Hotel solutions provide you a wide range of security cameras which helps you and your guests feel safe and secure when they are at your premises.

The surveillance of entrance and exit areas helps to keep trespassers from entering the premises.


There are various advantages of installing CCTV in hotel premises. Some of them are listed below:

Installing CCTV cameras helps in monitoring the activities of employees and quests which helps in reducing the risks.

Flexibility and freedom to keep on eye on business from anywhere in the world.

Patrons can appreciate the peace of intellect whereas they appreciate their stay at the lodging.


 Key Areas to consider while installing CCTV cameras:

Entrance and exit, including service elevators, kitchens, stores, and parking areas.

Hall, assembly areas, and gathering.



2. Fire Alarm System

Smoke Sensor

Fire alarm systems are long term investments to ensure the safety of your patrons in case of a fire hazard. Enhance hotel solutions ensure you provide the best quality fire alarm system which will notify you and your guests when there is a fire cause.



3. Electronic Hotel Locks

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic hotel locks by Enhance smart hotel solutions offer a complete selection of guest room locking and access management solutions for limited-service properties, as well as deluxe destination resorts.

As security requirements for the lodging industry evolve, Enhance Hotel Solutions continues to deliver innovative access control systems that provide security, reliability, efficiency, and convenience to enhance the hotel’s lock system investment and the guest experience.



4. Energy Savings


Energy Savings

Energy Saving is one of the most challenging jobs to save energy bills on hotels and deluxe destination resorts. Enhance hotel solutions provide you a wide range of energy-saving options on Air Conditioning, Lighting, and Power Sockets.


5. Motorized Gate

Intruders and other unauthorized people can create an uncomfortable environment when the guests arrive at your business premises. Enhance hotel solutions provides the option of motorized gates for both sliding and swing gates to control unrestricted access and secure your premises.